Top 10 Fashion photographers in india -

Top 10 Fashion photographers in india

Published at 26/12/21

In order to have a successful career in fashion photography, it is important to have an understanding of the different types of images ranging from portraits, portrait fashion, fashion, celebrity glamour, photo journal, product photography, and others. You will find there are many subgenres within each of these areas. For example, there is celebrity glamour, which includes photographs of stars such as Madonna, JLo, Paris Hilton, and others. Portraits are also considered a type of fashion photograph and come in various styles like still life, portrait, scrapbook, or others. Even though the above-mentioned article is an attempt to categorize photography genres, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other types of images that fall into these categories that may be of interest to you. Different types of fashion photography courses will provide you with a better understanding of the different types of images and genres that may interest you. By studying a variety of different types of images, a more well-rounded image comes forth that can be of interest to many tastes. Here Are Some Renowned Fashion Photographers of India You Must Take Inspiration From 1. A.RRAJANI A.RRAJANI IS A CELEBRITY, ADVERTISING, COMMERCIAL, FASHION, ACTOR & MODEL PORTFOLIO PHOTOGRAPHER BASED IN MUMBAI, ANDHERI (WEST). IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO BOOK YOUR ADVERTISING, ACTING & MODELING SHOOTS CALL OR WHATSAPP ON 7045360660 FOR MORE DETAILS CLICK HERE : WWW.A-RRAJANI.COM


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